All giveaways and prizes are randomly picked by my bots. When claiming prizes please make sure you enter email correctly.

All viewers earn 15 gold pieces while the stream is live. Viewers earn EXTRA gold pieces during special events, hosting or subscribing.

Viewers can check their gold pieces by typing: !points in the stream chat.


Fund Raising starts now until December 24th - St Jude Children's and - Extra Life Local Children's Hospital - $1.00 donation to St Jude or Local Children's for Subbing - 3 Giveaways @ 1000 Follows


All viewers now get 15 gold pieces for 10 min while stream is LIVE

Starting now until December 24, 2017


checkout prizes that you can purchase with your gold pieces by clicking the prize list tab above. The prize list is updated daily with new items so check it often.






Giveaways & Prizes